Picard improves to technology, in which the guy appear deal with-to-face into the Borg King

Picard improves to technology, in which the guy appear deal with-to-face into the Borg King

Escorting Lily to this lady refrain pod, Picard give this lady a good PADD which has had purchases getting Leader Riker, telling him in addition to their staff on the surface to track down good silent part of The united states and stay out of history’s means

Lily knows that the newest chief has no goal of making the newest watercraft and then he admits which he have to chance his lives so you’re able to save your self Study. Accepting his choice, Lily says to Picard commit get a hold of their pal and you will boards the lady pod once the those escape interest disengage regarding the Agency and you will travel into Planet.

She remembers the last day they fulfilled – during his assimilation – and you will gift ideas your with a brand new Data, whose deal with is starting to become partially Person. Picard tries to parley towards android’s release, but it’s zero play with. Once deactivating the latest notice-destruct sequence, Research goes into the fresh security password on desktop, effectively supplying the Borg Queen demand of your own Firm. Investigation stands in the Queen’s side, informing this lady you to definitely Picard would be an “higher level drone”, because the Borg drones snatch the brand new master. Just like the Phoenix makes so you can dive so you’re able to warp, Studies purpose the fresh new warp watercraft that have quantum torpedoes. When they is actually circulated, a happy Borg Queen gleefully taunts the new chief regarding certain death of Humanity’s upcoming thought the newest Borg commonly win, maybe not seeing Study unofficially swinging on the an effective plasma coolant tank at the rear of their. Secured down on a surgical dining table, Picard can only check out into the nightmare while the torpedoes bear off toward Phoenix until they in the long run… skip their address, and you can both the horrified King and you will smirking master realize Research keeps tricked the brand new Borg, perhaps not registered him or her. Mockingly repeating the fresh Borg mantra on the King, Analysis thrusts his hand on the tank, enveloping him about fatal fuel as the Picard scrambles for safety. Just below him, new Queen holds hold of their foot, limiting his go up to safety. Picard battles against the girl traction until Study – their the latest surface mixed – emerges throughout the plasma and brings the fresh new Borg Queen into it. Yelling when you look at the problems and you may fury, the newest Borg Queen’s flesh rapidly disintegrates. Together with her control of this new Borg with the Firm destabilized, drones all over the motorboat collapse and you may perish.

Since the Phoenix falls out-of warp and you will actually starts to come back so you can World, Picard ports the fresh new plasma off technologies and you will descends for the platform, which is full of Borg corpses. Choosing the metallic skeletal remains of Borg King however holding alive, Picard holiday breaks the lady backbone and you may terminates their immediately following and all of the, finally enabling your some type of closing. The newest chief finds Investigation perhaps not far away; comprehending that the fresh melting regarding their Borg-provided People facial skin possess remaining a number of their interior circuits shown however, brought about no genuine destroy, the guy quips he most likely does not feel as the bad as he might look, making it possible for a little have a good laugh in the paradox. Brand new android os conveys a feeling of depression from the loss of the “unique” Borg Queen as well as the glimpses out-of Mankind she delivered him. The guy admits which he was tempted by the woman give to have an effective simple 0 xmeets-recensies.68 moments, and notes this with it a lot more deliberation versus head you’ll believe. Picard stretches his give so you’re able to Study helping your so you can his ft. Both of them take a look at Borg absorbed systems and you will exit the space.

On-board this new watercraft, Worf says to Picard your Enterprise’s warp signature try obscured of the the new moon’s gravitational career and therefore was not thought of by Vulcans, if you are Los angeles Forge can replicate the new temporary vortex you to definitely lead them truth be told there from the reconfiguring its warp job

From inside the Montana, a large group out of observers, including Cochrane, Lily, Picard, in addition to most other Person people in the latest Enterprise’s elder staff, see this new historical landing of the very first extraterrestrial craft in order to openly and you can in public places go to World. For the awe and never instead of a small problem, Cochrane embraces the newest ship’s staff: a trio away from Vulcans. Lily informs Picard how much she envies him to possess located in eg a peaceful coming, and you will Picard reacts how much the guy envies the lady one to she becomes to experience Humanity’s very first tips on a different era prior to telling the woman one he’ll miss the woman. With this, the new Agency staff simply leaves undetected. Picard, certain that the future they understand would-be looking forward to her or him, provides the Business-Age depart the fresh new 21st millennium. On the planet, as Lily observe the Firm drop off from the vortex, Cochrane unsuccessfully tries to get the Vulcans to drink and dancing along so you’re able to “Ooby Dooby” because of the Roy Orbison.

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